High Goals

Alexis has a love for the Pacific Northwest and an interest in playing a role in the hunter/jumper industry in that region.  She has a goal of offering superior horse care and training at a premium facility.  With a background in the highest echelons of the industry, she is well-acquainted with top-level care, training, and competition, and looks forward to establishing this allure with Aleron Training Stables in the Seattle area.

Aleron is founded on two principles: superior horse care and the continued development of our clients’ individual riding goals. The sport of hunter/jumper riding is an exciting and meaningful commitment – something that can bring tremendous joy to a rider and his/her family. Aleron is committed to providing the resources and teaching necessary to allow its clients to pursue any path in the sport that they desire, whether it’s to win a local championship, qualify for the National Horse Show, or compete in a World Cup. Aleron wants its clients to know that anything is possible and that they will have our full support both on and off the horse.

Aleron also believes in the greatness of true, quality horse care. Owning a horse is an investment – they are incredible animals and above that, incredible athletes. Proper nutrition

and conditioning is critical. Horses deserve a customized program to fit their needs, as no two horses are exactly alike. Just as a marathoner and a sprinter are both “runners,” horses need to follow different programs to achieve optimal success. Aleron is committed to the proper staffing and necessary expertise required to ensure custom care for each of its horses.

In sum, Aleron pledges to foster a professional, friendly, family-oriented atmosphere in which its clients can be relaxed, comfortable, and happy while competing at the top of the hunter/jumper sport. Aleron is here for the love of the horse and the joy of our clients.