Introducing Alexis Taylor Silvernale and Aleron Training Stables. Quickly Proving to be a Northwest Sensation


Alexis Silvernale and A6

ProEquest would like to extend a warm welcome to Alexis Taylor Silvernale and her new hunter jumper barn, Aleron Training Stables.

A Stellar Junior Career
As head trainer and owner of Aleron Training Stables, Alexis sets a strong example of excellence for her clients with a superb equestrian career already under her belt. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, her junior years were filled with accolades in the hunter, jumper, and equitation rings as she traveled back and forth between the East and West coasts to train with legends such as Jack Towell, Missy Clark, Timmy Kees, and Leslie Howard.

Several of her greatest equitation accomplishments include a two-time win in the ASPCA Maclay Regionals Northwest, as well as wins in the USEF Zone 8, 9, 10 Medal Finals, the Thunderbird Good Hands & Seat Finals, and repeat top ten finishes in the Washington International Equitation Finals and the USEF Talent Search Finals.

In the hunter ring, she rode the talented Castaway to countless tricolors and qualified for Indoors. At just 16, Alexis won her first Grand Prix and earned multiple wins in the high junior/amateur jumpers and Young Rider qualifying classes.

Returning to Her Passion
After several years away from the saddle, Alexis returned to continue her passion for riding, completing her amateur hunter career under the guidance of Hunt Tosh with Carnado and Bryant Park at top-level circuits throughout the country.

Alexis Silvernale earns WCHR rider award at Flintridge.

As a professional, Alexis has already established a name for herself, winning the High Score Developing Professional Award at the WCHR West Coast Spectacular. This year she transitioned her five-year-old Campari, who on the winter circuit did not know his lead changes, how to flow down a line or stay consistent around a course, into a competitive hunter. Just over six months later he shipped all the way to Lexington, KY and marched around the spooky courses at the Pre-Green Incentive Finals against much more experienced horses.

Alexis and Campari at Thunderbird. Photo Credit Totem Graphics.

Discovering New Passions: Tailor-Fit Training
Her passion goes beyond sitting in the saddle. Alexis is keen on customizing and tailoring clients’ training program to fulfill their individual needs and help them achieve their equestrian goals. Alexis has an eye for pairing the right horse with the right rider and has quickly improved the performance of several clients by solidifying harmonious matches.

Camille Leblond and Quintero

“Camille Leblond was my first client, she moved to me at Christmas time last year. She was competing unsuccessfully in the Short Stirrup and Pre-Children’s and had zero confidence. Over the past eight months we’ve not only found a horse that’s a great match for her but improved her riding to a point where she is consistently winning ribbons in the Big Eq. She competed in Lexington and ribboned in both the Pessoa and Maclay with 30+ riders in each class. Camille, her family and I are all thrilled and look forward to achieving more of her goals.”

Camille Leblond Winning Sportsmanship Award at Early Summer Classic

Offering Impeccable Care
Providing the highest levels of service and training, the staff at Aleron maintains a philosophy of unparalleled horse care. Every effort is taken to maintain and incorporate top of the line programs that, like their client training, is customized to each horse’s individual needs. Aleron recognizes the tremendous endeavors that these equine athletes put forth every day and is committed to keeping them healthy and happy so they can continue to perform at extraordinary levels.

Aleron Training Stables is located in Washington state near the city of Bellevue, but Alexis and her clients travel to the best shows on both coasts.

Realize Your Potential
Alexis is amazed at how fast the months have flown by since she started Aleron. She is proud of what’s transpired and sees a bright future. For “the love of the horse and the joy of the client,” Alexis invites riders to realize their potential and attain their goals with Aleron.

Alexis with Champion and Reserve in the Pre-Greens Campari and Crosstown

Alexis and Carnado in the Hunter Derby at Blenheim Spring. Photo Credit McCool

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