HITS Coachella DC VII


Congratulations to all of our horses. Chamberlain finished with the Green 3’6″ Hunter Championship out of a competitive field of 22! So proud of this 7 year old.

Emily Hubbard’s MacArthur won the Baby Green. Audrey Hogan’s Philosophy was 3rd in all three Green 3’9″ classes. Sophie Voskuil’s Splendid was 2nd, 2nd, and 3rd in the High Performance Conformation Hunters.

Claire won on Petunia, Camille finished 4th out of 30 in the A/O Jumper Classic on new mount Lorenzo T. Great riding by all Aleron riders!

HITS Coachella DC VI


Aleron had such a great start to the 2nd half of Thermal! We are so lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing riders and families.

HITS Coachella DC IV


In the $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby, Alexis and Kona were 8th. Chamberlain, Splendid and Gatsby were also incredible in their big derby debuts.

HITS Coachella DC I


Great to be back in the desert. Newbies and lots of great ribbons!

Volare and MacArthur were Champion and Reserve in the Baby Green Hunters. Talisker was in the ribbons at his first show. Ceremony won two classes and was Reserve Champion in the Young Hunters 3’3″. Our 7-year-olds Chamberlain and Philosophy jumped to great ribbons in the Green Conformation and Green 3’9″. Gatsby finished Reserve Champion in the Training Hunters.

So proud of our riders too! Emma swept the Short Stirrup Hunters. Julia was Champion in the Equitation and Piper had her best rounds ever in her division.

Capital Challenge Horse Show


Camille Leblond and Category finished 7th in the WCHR Junior Hunter 3’6″ Challenge! Camille was 2nd with Cayambe in the Large Junior Hunter Stake and 5th (87 score) in a huge Performance 3’6″ class.

On Carneros NV, Camille finished 3rd out of 90 in the Open Equitation 3’6″.

Alexis and Category placed 2nd in the Green Hunters 3’9″ Handy.

Alexis rode an amazing round on Camille Leblond’s Sancho in the WCHR Pro Challenge.

2017 Rolex Central Park Horse Show


It is always such a treat to go to this show! Congratulations Camille Leblond and Category for their 2nd place ribbon in the Jr/Am Hunter Classic.

Northwest Autumn Classic


Congratulations to Camille Leblond for placing 4th in the 2017 Region 7 Northwest ASPCA Maclay Regional Finals – and ensuring our fall will last through November! 13-year-old Hanna Meyer rode in her first Maclay Regional, and mastered the course. Both Nicole McNichols and Claire McNichols made so much progress in just one weekend. Sarina Singh and Audrey Hogan competed in their first Derby with such success. Isabella won her 1st blue ribbons! Emma, Alex, and Piper all ended having completed their best rounds yet. Claire knocked it out of the park at her first show in the Pacific Northwest.

Alexis and Camille Leblond’s Cayambe won all 4 over fences in the Performance Hunters 3’6″ and Sarina Singh’s Archive brought home the Reserve Championship in the Green Hunters. Jordan Goodall and Audrey Hogan’s Philosophy earned top scores in Performance Hunters 3’3″.

2017 USHJA International Hunter Derby Championship


Huge congratulations to the Singh family’s Archive for completing his first trip to Derby Finals so beautifully. Alexis and 7-year-old Archive had a beautiful round, showing that this horse has an incredible future ahead.

Evergreen Classic


Congratulations to Tracey Epp’s Caresso for finishing 2nd in the $15,000 International Hunter Derby! Camille Leblond was the highest placing junior and 5th overall.

Caresso also won all 5 classes in the Performance 3’6″ earlier in the week.